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Build a pizza that's custom made for you. Start with your favorite crust, add all the toppings you want and just the right amount of cheese and sauce.

I belive that the buffets at pizza hut are at first glance value for money. However once ready to get stuck into the pizza buffet it is not all as it seems. Firstly the organisation of people going to get their own food at whatever time sounds good in principle but practically it is a major disaster. A number of problems include everyone scrambling for pizza which ends up with some people left out while they wait for a next serving of pizza to come. Secondly once you are lucky enough to get your pizza the quality of the pizza is in fact unacceptable. Yes the pizza hut staff rush quickly to serve pizza in relation to demand , but they do it in such a way that customers are their to witness the topping of their chosen pizza slide right of the huge amount of bread base left on the pizza while pready to eat their pizza. This concerns and worries me as people as a whole just eat their food without even attempting to look carefully at their food to insure everything is in eating order.Finally i just hope people will open theirs eyes more instead of their stomachs


Chicken Alfredo Pasta tubes with sliced chicken and peppers, covered in a creamy sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.

Cheezy Bites Pizza
Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites are a great new pizza offered only in some areas. This menu item is a cross between a pizza and a cheese filled bread stick. Though they come in many different flavors, we tried the pepperoni and cheese one. The middle of the Cheesy Bites pizza is a normal, thin crust pizza. The pizza contains pepperoni, melted mozzarella cheese, and the classic Pizza Hut sauce